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Bright Young Star trophy to be presented in memory of jockeys Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne
JanTHE memory of Jan and Jamie will be kept alive in a new award.

The Bright Young Star trophy will be presented to young people in the town and neighbouringMalton who have “drive and passion and who have excelled in their chosen field beyond their years”.

The parents of Jamie Kyne, one of the two jockeys, described the award as a “lovely gesture” and said it helped to keep the memory of their son alive.

The award is one of six which will be handed out at the first Pride Of Malton & Norton Awards, to be held next month. The Bright Young Star award is backed by the Racing Welfare organisation.
Jamie’s father, Gerry, said: “We are overwhelmed by what Malton and Norton wanted to do here. The awards are an inspiration to all. I thank everyone for their support”.

Jan’s mother, Margaret, said of the award: “It’s a nice thing for Malton to do as it recognises people’s achievements, especially that of the young.

Paul Lodge, of Racing Welfare, said: “The parents of Jamie and Jan, together with Racing Welfare, recognise the support that the people of Malton, Norton and surrounding areas have given to those affected by the tragedy”.

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