Jockey Jan

Jockey Jan and Angus Pony Club at Hoys













Angus Pony Club Mounted Games team funds were further boosted by a cheque for £2,000 donated by the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund.  


Jan had been a former member of Angus Pony Club and Margaret Wilson was delighted to be able to help out Jan’s old club with a donation from the Fund.   Margaret said “she could remember the fun Jan had and watching the team practice must have been where Jan learned to be so tough and well balanced on a horse”.  She hoped that the donation from the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund would help the team and their trainer follow their dream and wished them fun and success. 


She also thanked the Angus Pony Club Members for their support at the recent Shindig for 8





Jan was an active member of Angus Pony club and many members have fond memories of Jan especially during the week they spent with her at Pony Club Camp at Brechin.  Members can remember that Jan was a very special rider and even when her horse Tina would suddenly stop in her tracks and kneel down and eat the grass with Jan on board she would just laughed it off.


Jan went on to prove that she was a great rider and followed her dream to be a jockey.  We were all so proud of her achievements.   Jan was very successful in this field and rode her horse Imperial Sword to victory three times at Ripon, Haydock and Ayr.     Tragically in 2009 Jan died in a house fire and her parents Drew and Margaret Wilson set up the Jockey Jan Memorial fund in her memory.   The fund has helped many people over the years and Angus Pony Club is so grateful to the fund for the very kind donation which has helped the Angus Team follow their dreams just like Jan.


Pictured below Jan second from the right holding on to Louise Hill who is our youngest member of the Angus Mounted Games team at HOYS.










Jan at her Pony Club rally on her horse Tina (3rd from the left)

Pictured below is the Mounted Games team: - Louise Hill, Robin Baillie, Morven Mclean, Rachel Gordon, Georgie Braithwaite and James Baillie together with trainer Andrew Reid receiving a cheque for £2,000 from Margaret Wilson on behalf of the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund.










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