Jockey Jan

The Purpose of the Jockey Jan Website

The Purpose of the Jockey Jan Website

As from the 1st of September 2010 we are pleased to announce that the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund has become a Registered Scottish Charity, charity number SC041749 for further information it can be seen on website at

Drew and I thank all who have supported us in this terrible tragedy and hope they will continue to support the many things that Jan was involved in through out her short life in the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund Charity. As of today 5th September over £25,300.00 has been collected.

This money has been raised by the things you see on this website and through the generosity of people in and out of racing, the sport that Jan brought us into which we also begun to enjoy and love like Jan. At the start of this tragedy we were helped by the Racing Welfare’s Paul Lodge and the Injured Jockey Fund’s Helen Wilson who at the start were always at the end of the phone for a chat or informed us about different things, we were offered financial help as well and turned it down, we actually gave the I J F £10,000.00 for the Jack Berry House in the North for when it is built for 2 simulator to be in Jan’s name which they have promised to do and we have also offered R W’s Terri Griffiths one for Middleham which is being thought about.

Sadly during the trial I was upset at the support that R W and especially the I J F were giving to some of the witness at the trial and felt they had forgotten about the parents that had lost their loved one’s, and who had sat through this for 4 weeks listening to the horrible way Jan had died, and how both were left, and to listen to some of the witness who has shown no respect to Jan at all, with this I then asked for anything that Jan being a apprentice Jockey was entitled to. I told them if we were given it I would put it in the J J M F to use it for kids in racing, which I was doing for Jan before this, and now with this extra money, which we have been given, I hope to do more.

By Margaret Wilson
For Jan

“Or like the snowflake in the river,

a moment shine – then melts for ever,”

Or like the rainbow’s lovely form

evanishing amid the storm” (Burns)

Jan was a gift – a chosen gift that we were privileged to enjoy for 19 years.

Her dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for her dream of racing inspired many who new her.

It is this inspiration that we now strive to harness and move forward in the name of The Jockey Jan Memorial Fund to enable and support young people to realise their dream - the dream that Jan lived.

I wanted some blank cards done for myself out of the many pictures I have taken of Jan in her short racing career, so I asked Astute in Forfar to print them. 

We thought a website was the easiest way to distribute them to allow other people to also share in Jan’s life and at the same time add to the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund which stands at £9,150.00 from donations and the sale of a DVD of Jan’s life and a sale of a cattle beast at Forfar Mart.


I was also given a picture of Jan and her first race horse Bedfellow at Hamilton from Jan last year for my birthday, as you can see it has an unusual coloured

Jockey Jan Wilson

background I call it Jan galloping through fire, this picture was the first thing I thought of after her death, and its different like Jan. Also I was given an oil painting of Jan and Imperial Sword winning at Ayr from her work colleagues at Maunby House, it was my first trip alone and Jan some how made sure I wasn’t going home alone. So these have been made into prints.

How You Can Help

These prints are available for purchase on this website in the form of gift cards or posters. Click here to Buy Online


Donations can be made direct to the Jockey Jan Memorial Fund at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Forfar Branch, 65 East High Street, Forfar. DD8 2EP.  Phone:01307462611 or to my home address. Jockey Jan Memorial Fund, Greenhead Farm, Rescobie, By Forfar, DD8 2SB. Mob:07803499191 Phone:01307818264. E. Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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